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2. Linking EyeSpace to your topographer

1. Troubleshooting Forge Ortho-K Lenses

6. Orthokeratology TroubleshootingCharl Laas

An Ortho-K lens, worn during closed eye sleep, reshapes the cornea, resulting in improved unaided vision through the minimisation of refractive error.

From this statement, the keys to the practice of Ortho-K is:

  • The lens. How does it fit, size, edge lift centration, etc.
  • The shape of the cornea. Corneal topography reshaping. Needs the analysis of the pre, post and difference map.
  • Unaided vision. Distance and near monocularly.
  • Refractive error. We need to know the Baseline refraction, target power, and residual refraction.

All this information should be collected at each appointment, and all this information is required to make clinical decisions to troubleshoot any lens fitting. To log an Ortho-K troubleshoot, complete the Ortho-k Troubleshooting Form found at the bottom of the EyeSpace Online Order Page.