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2. Linking EyeSpace to your topographer

2. Track and Trace

1. EyeSpace OnlineCharl Laas

EyeSpace Online offers a real-time track and trace facility. To track all your EyeSpace orders, log on to the member's website and on the home page click the green Orders button.

The Order Status page will display a list of all the orders for your practice. For more information on a particular order, click on the order number to drill down to the Order page.

Order Page

The Order page displays all the relevant detail for the particular order. For your convenience, the order page is divided into subsections providing information regarding order details, EyeSpace lens details, manufacturing dates, and means to communicate to your lens consultant and report fit outcomes and troubleshooting information.

Order Section

The order details section shows the unique order number and provides the practice name, billing type, patient name, manufacture status, manufacturing instructions, and delivery address.

Billing Type

Ordering a new lens with a Per Case warranty displays the Billing Type as New Lens Order with Warranty and offers the option to order exchange lenses, which, when ordered, will display on the Billing Type as Modification Remake.

Ordering a new lens without the Per Case warranty displays the Billing Type as Per Lens and offers no exchange lenses.

Tip: For more information on how to order EyeSpace lenses with a Per Case warranty, see the Shopping Cart article.

The Manufacturing Remake Billing Type displays when a broken lens is replaced under the broken lens warranty. To see if you qualify for the broken lens warranty, contact your lens consultant.

Patient History

Clicking on the patient history link will navigate you to the Patient History page providing an overview of all the lens orders placed with their associated Billing Types.

Next to the Shipped Date (displayed in brackets) is how many days ago the order was placed and is useful to monitor warranty expiry dates. Clicking on the order number will open the order page for that particular order.

Lens reorder

To reorder a lens, select either the right or left lens and click on the Submit reorder button.

Lenses Section

The Lenses section provides an overview of the lens design, including the selected lens material, creation date, lens engraving, refraction details, and lens parameters.

Download design

On occasion, you might need to download a lens design from the EyeSpace Online system to the EyeSpace desktop software.

For example, a case ordered under Review can have more than one design displayed per eye. The second design usually is uploaded by your troubleshooter and will be the design used for manufacturing the lens. You can download the new design to your EyeSpace Desktop software by clicking on the Download button.

After the download is complete, the file will be available in the download directory of your PC. Double-click on the .eye file and EyeSpace Desktop will import the patient details and lens design. Repeat the process for the companion eye's lens design.

Tip: You can also use the download feature to sync your designs between two separate EyeSpace installs. For example, the first order was designed and uploaded with EyeSpace installed in location one. Later, when troubleshooting, you wish to alter the design and then reorder a second lens, but you are in location two. You then download the original lens design to EyeSpace installed in location two, alter the lens design and order the new design as per the standard order procedure.

Lens Simulation

Click on the View Simulation button to view the lens fit simulation online.

Status Update Section

The status update provides a real-time, detailed progress report from the date of creating the order through to the day of shipping to your office.

Communication Section

To communicate with your EyeSpace lens consultant, type a message in the comment section. To upload supplementary files like images, videos, topography export files, or pdf documents, click on the Choose file button and select the file to upload from your PC. Click the Send button to deliver the message.

Reporting and Troubleshooting Section

To log an Ortho-K troubleshoot, click on Ortho-K Troubleshooting Form and complete the online form.

For more information read Troubleshooting Forge Ortho-K lenses.

Return to Main Screen

To return to the EyeSpace Online Home Page, click on the blue Home button. To return to the Orders Status page, click on the green Orders button. To safeguard the patient formation stored on EyeSpace Online, it is good practice to click on the Logout button to exit EyeSpace Online whenever you are away from your PC.