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2. Linking EyeSpace to your topographer

2. Submit Order Page

3. EyeSpace Desktop SoftwareCharl Laas

On completion of your lens designs, click the Shopping Cart icon to proceed to the 'Submit Order' page.

The 'Submit Order' page provides a summary of the lens design parameters before submitting the order for manufacture.

1. Practice Details

To complete the order, select the Practice Name responsible for the account and then select the shipping address. If the practice has multiple locations, click on the ‘Shipping address’ drop-down list and choose the correct shipping address.

2. Warranty Option

With the first lens order, you have the option to order the lens with or without a 'Per Case' warranty.

  • Selecting 'Yes' will activate the 'Per Case' warranty.
  • Clicking 'No' will order a single lens with no warranty option.

3. Lens design summary

This section provides a summary of the lens parameters placed on order.

4. Lens material

EyeSpace will choose a default lens material and colour for the lens.

By using the drop-down list the lens material and colour can be manually changed. Please note that certain lens materials carry a surcharge.

5. Delete Order

If the lens was incorrectly ordered, the order item can be deleted by clicking on the 'Delete' button. Note that this will not delete the lens design from EyeSpace, it will only remove the lens from the ‘Submit Order’ page.

6. Optional Note

In the 'Optional Note' section, you can leave additional instructions for the manufacturing lab to follow.

7. Review

If the order is placed under the 'Review' option, the order is sent to your local lens consultant, who will first review the case with you before finally submitting it to the manufacturer.

8. Order

Selecting the 'Order' option, skips the review process and sends the order directly to the lens manufacturer.