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2. Linking EyeSpace to your topographer

1. How do I fix the "Database is locked" error

13. Frequently Asked QuestionsCharl Laas

When launching EyeSpace, the software displays the "Database is locked" error. This error can happen when you upgrade your version of Windows, or when multiple user accounts have different permissions. To fix the problem, follow the steps below:

Select the drive that contains your Windows installation. In this example, as for most, this will be the C:/ drive.

Double-click on the C:/ProgramData folder. If you do not see the ProgramData folder, then it may be hidden. Click in the address bar and type it in manually, or follow the instructions here.

Right-click the EyeSpace folder inside C:/ProgramData.

Select the 'Properties' menu item.

Click the 'Security' tab

Click the 'Edit' button

Click the 'Add' button.

Type in 'Everyone' in the text block, and press the 'OK' button.

Choose 'Everyone' in the 'Group or user names:' list and then select the allow 'Full control' checkbox under the 'Permissions for Everyone' list.

Close the window and you are done.