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2. Linking EyeSpace to your topographer

1. Getting started with EyeSpace Online

1. EyeSpace OnlineCharl Laas

Welcome to the EyeSpace family!

We are excited to have you join our community of dedicated eye care professionals. We are committed to providing you with the best possible service, and to make our working relationship a success. We know starting with EyeSpace for the first time can feel both exciting and daunting at the same time. Don't worry; we are here to help you.

First, your distributor will create your EyeSpace Online account. Immediately after, you will receive an activation e-mail with your username. To access your online member account, launch your web browser (we suggest Chrome) and navigate to the EyeSpace Website.

Gif of the EyeSpace website landing page with curser moving to practitioner menu and navigating down to Login submenu

  1. Select the Practitioner menu option.
  2. Select the Log in dropdown menu.

Tip: Bookmark the EyeSpace Website for easy future access.

Follow the log in steps:

Enter e-mail

A new window will open requesting your email address.

  1. Enter the email address you registered with EyeSpace.
  2. Click the Submit button.

Mail inbox

You will receive a once-off time-limited code sent to you via email:

Enter Code

To complete the login process:

  1. Enter the code.
  2. Click Submit.

EyeSpace Online

After successfully logging in you will be greeted by the home page. The EyeSpace Online home page provides you with several useful links for managing your account details, tracking your orders, and finding online learning resources.

1. Logout

To keep the information stored on EyeSpace Online secure, it is recommended to log out when you are away from your computer. Once logged out, you will need to log in again.

2. Home

Click the Home button to navigate back to the EyeSpace Online homepage.

3. Orders

Click the Orders button to access the EyeSpace order status and tracking platform. We are very proud of our EyeSpace Track and Trace system, and when you use it, you will see why.

4. Notifications

View a record of all the comments made on orders for the last 30 days.

5. Knowledge Base

Want to learn more about using EyeSpace and how to fit EyeSpace lenses? Click the Knowledge Base button to access our extensive online knowledgebase. Come on press the button; we know you want to!

6. Scleral Order

Want to fit EyeSpace Scleral lenses? Click the Scleral Order button and order your diagnostic fitting set by selecting the drop-down menu option of 26 Lens Set. You can also order individual scleral diagnostic lenses here should you have an unhappy accident of losing or breaking one.

7. Practice information

Click the Practice information button to view your EyeSpace Licence Key and practice delivery address. You can also update your delivery address in the event of a change.

8. EyeSpace Download

Use the link to download the latest version of EyeSpace to your desktop. It's free, so you can download as many copies of EyeSpace as you like. For more information on how to use EyeSpace read the article Getting Started with EyeSpace Desktop Software.