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2. Linking EyeSpace to your topographer

5. Back Optic Zone Diameter (BOZD)

5. Forge Ortho-KCharl Laas

EyeSpace will automatically calculate the optimal Back Optic Zone Diameter or BOZD based on the entered spectacle prescription. Following Munnerlyn's formula, the BOZD will decrease as the myopic spectacle prescription increases.

However, in certain clinical scenarios you can choose to manually change the BOZD using the Advanced Parameters section on the Lens Editor page.

Changing the BOZD can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Myopia control - The BOZD can be reduced to produce optics that create mid-peripheral power change within the pupil zone. Please note¬†that a side effect of this is to generate flare and halos.
  • Removing flare - Increasing the BOZD will enlarge the size of the treatment zone and thus reducing flare and glare.
  • Presbyopic orthokeratology - Decreasing the BOZD will increase the multifocal effect in myopic corrections. The central myopic correction will quickly enter into the near periphery zone.