New EyeSpace v3.7 release

We are happy to announce the release of EyeSpace v3.7.

With the new release, we have improved the parameter optimisation of the Forge Ortho-K lens and introduced a new Advanced Parameter, Z-Zone Width.

The updates implemented are the result of a review of 250 consecutive Forge Ortho-K lens fits and include:

  • Updated algorithm for the calculation of the BOZR and BOZD.
  • ACe is now optimised to the peripheral corneal asphericity.
  • Fine-tuned Toric lens selection criteria.
  • Spherical Power Effect/Compensated Bitoric lens power fixed for all Ortho-K lens for better identification of residual astigmatism.
  • Lens Diameter and Lens edge increased and optimised for better centration and on eye comfort.
  • Z-Zone Width is optimised to the amount of myopia correction. Greater myopia correction results in a flatter BOZR, greater tear layer thickness at the junction of the back-optic zone and the reverse curve. By controlling the width of this zone, we can create a smoother tear profile and reduce or eliminate lens imprinting in the corneal epithelium. This is a great addition for the correction of higher myopia.

All these improvements will result in fewer clicks, less troubleshooting, more comfortable lenses and better reshaping.

Should you have any questions, or if you require a personal demonstration on the new updates, please contact your EyeSpace lens consultant.

Stay Safe,

The EyeSpace Team