EyeSpace v3.5. What's New?

It is with great pleasure that we recently released EyeSpace v3.5. With the new release, you will notice some minor improvements in the EyeSpace lens fit simulations and some new handy troubleshoot tools in the EyeSpace Online portal.

Improved Lens Fit Simulation

In EyeSpace v3.5, we have improved the simulation through the optimization of the landing parameters. You may notice that the simulation may be a few microns different in the central tear film thickness compared to a previous versions simulation. This is in the quest of making EyeSpace more user-friendly, and realistic to the actual fitting characteristics.

View Order Online

Another small improvement is immediately after placing a lens order, EyeSpace offers you a direct link to view the order online. This option is particularly useful when troubleshooting. After placing the troubleshoot order using the Review button, you can opt to view the order online and then proceed to upload the necessary troubleshoot information like topography maps and photos. When troubleshooting orthokeratology fits, look out for the new build-in Ortho-K Troubleshoot form (more about this later).

  1. Provides a direct link to view your lens order online in the EyeSpace Online portal.
  2. Completes the lens order and takes you back to the EyeSpace Patient Management page.

EyeSpace Online

With the new and improved EyeSpace Online portal, some handy new features are available from the Lens Order page. To access the page first log in to the EyeSpace Online portal. Then from the EyeSpace Online home page, click the Orders button.

The Orders page provides a list of all your EyeSpace lens orders. To view the lens details of a specific order simply click on the order number.

On the Lens Orders page, a number of subsections display all the details regarding the lens order. In particular, two exciting new additions are the:

  • Online lens simulation.
  • Ortho-K troubleshooting form.

Online Lens Simulation

To view the online lens simulation, scroll down to the Lenses subsection and then click the View Simulation button of either the right or left lens.

EyeSpace Online will then proceed to generate a simulation of the selected lens design.

Ortho-K Troubleshooting form

To access the Forge Ortho-K Troubleshoot form, scroll down to the Notes and Files subsection and then click the Ortho-K Troubleshoot Form button.

The Ortho-K Troubleshoot form is carefully designed to facilitate the orthokeratology troubleshoot review process. To ensure the greatest efficiency during the review process, please take your time to accurately complete all the sections of the Ortho-K Troubleshoot form:

We hope you will enjoy these new features and enhancements. Go ahead and give them a try. We know you want to!